First Level DescriptionEdit

Water Being I

Water Being I

"These water beings have been written about since the dawn of time. Their snake hair and long, serpentine tail makes them the topic of many legends. Many tales speak of the more powerful forms of this creature, using hushed tones laced with fear. She will grow fast and her healing magic will become much more potent. Given time, this young Water Being may create some legends of her own."


Basic Style: Well Rounded

Levels: 7

Location Bought: Loreroot - Raven's Peace

Creature Id: 4

First Level Creature StatisticsEdit

Vital Energy: 200
Power: 30
Defence: 5
Initiative: 0

Recruitment StatisticsEdit

Action Points: 10
Value Points: 400
Sacrificed Vitality: 100
Exploring Points: 1

Author's CommentsEdit

The Water Beings are multifunctional creatures. They can be very good defenders for your army but also very powerful offensive creatures when they're upgraded. It depends on you how to use it.