First Level Description Edit

Tormented soul

Tormented Soul

The Tormented Soul can be used i very strategic rituals when the oponent is stronger or a special outcome is desired. It has most interesting results when the two opponents are more different and little influence when the opponents are similar in strength. It takes away a percentage of the enemy skills over or below yours and gives that value to your creatures, turning the odds in a very strange way.


Basic Style: Offensive

Levels: 4

Location Bought: Necrovion - Berserker's Charge

Creature Id: 16

First Level Creature StatisticsEdit

Vital Energy: 120
Attack: 1
Defence: 40
Initiative: 1

Recruitment StatisticsEdit

Action Points: 50
Value Points: 2000
Sacrificed Vitality: 2000
Exploring Points: 1

Author's CommentsEdit

Another Necrovion abomination. Hard to get, as the entrance is locked by Wish Shop. Highly useful on the highest levels of combat, otherwise they are rather weak creatures.