The basics of the Torch Contest is to take a Torch located at a capital, and take it to another capital and earn points. You must have killed at least one person to take it into an enemy capital.

Currently the torch contest is not being run due to issues in fairness and pending changes. Some lands were easier to score against than others, which lead to a general negative move towards certain lands, with the majority of lands scoring against one land.

How is it scored?Edit

Your score is determined by the amount of players you have killed who are carrying a torch. You can only take a torch into an enemy capital once you have killed at least one enemy carrying a torch.

When you go into a capital, your torch is removed along with its disadvantages. The land you carried your torch for gains that amount of points you had, and the land you are bringing to torch to, loses that same amount of points.

This effectively means that the torch contest is a closed system, where score gained from one land is lost in another.

Last Contest ResultsEdit

Ann. 1741 - [2011-02-18 01:00:30 - Stage 10]
Torch competition ended
The torch competition ended! The score gathered by each land so far this month is as follows:
Underground 3,
Necrovion 6,