Seekers of Enlightenment
The Seekers of Enlightenment
Alliance Land: Marind Bell
Alliance Leader: Princ Rhaegar
Alliance Seats: 10
Alliance Type: Normal

Alliance Description:Edit

The Seekers obey and worship the Angiens and try to preserve all that represents Marind Bell.

Alliance Members:Edit

Last Updated 7/20/2014 (M/D/Y).


The Seekers Of Enlightenment: The Foundation narrated by Chewett, is a brief history of the beginning of SoE alliance.

Seekers of the Present DayEdit

Currently, Seekers are a group of people who conduct researches and gather some of their knowledge in Seeker library.

The main focus of the researches is the symbolism in the realm, the nature of this realm, in a way philosopher's search for truth, about existence itself.

As a group, their only interests are cognition and preservation of Marind Bell.

Their base is a palace-library in Marind Bell called Sage's Keep.