Introduction & PurposeEdit

Here you will find a list of all creatures currently (and in some cases, formerly) available within the MagicDuel Realm. This list is divided into sections defined by where the creature - or, more accurately, its most primitive form - can be obtained in-game. The creatures under the 'rare' section are neither recruitable nor for sale in either of the two shops (MD Shop and Wish Shop). For those creatures available in more than one location (e.g. Elemental Egg) they will only be listed under both locations. Not all of the information for later evolutions of creatures will be available as this is a spoiler.

These pages will contain basic information, including hints to what the creature may evolve into, and what abilities it may have, except for the Wish Shop creatures and the rare ones.

This is NOT a page to include all the creatures stats or detail all of its levels!

The Bestiary Edit

No-Man's Land CreaturesEdit

Grasan Barren Soul Aramor
Grasan Family Barren Soul Family Aramor Family

Marind's Bell Creatures Edit

Angien Heretic Archer Elemental I Little Bird
Angien Family Archer Family Elemental Family Bird Family

Loreroot Creatures Edit

Animated Tree I Scout Young Savage Knator Water Being I Seed Elemental I
Tree Family Lorerootian Archer Family Knator Family Water Being Family Toxicodendrite Family Elemental Family

Necrovion CreaturesEdit

Unholy priest Tormented soul
Unholy Priest Family Tormented Soul Family

MD Shop/Premium CreaturesEdit

These creatures can be purchased from the MD Shop, some of them only at specific times (such as Santa which is only available at Christmas)

Joker Family
Pimped Grasan Family
Rustgold Drachorn Family
BloodPact Archer Family
Imperial Aramor Family
Santa Family
The Nutcracker
Soulweaver Family
Reindrach Family
Sharptear Family

Wish Shop/Mutation Creatures Edit

These creatures can only be obtained by using a Wishpoint and "Mutating" them.

Dream Mutation Family
Wind Dragon Family

Rare Creatures Edit

These creatures cannot be obtained normally, And are most likely only to be created when Mur gives some out for prizes, or during special events

Drachorn Family
Shade Family
Sword Shade Family
Darkling Family
Anniversary Aramor Family
Snowmen Family