The Archivists
The Archivists
Alliance Land: MagicDuel Archives
Alliance Leader: Innocence
Alliance Seats: 10
Alliance Type: Normal

Alliance Description:Edit

The Archivists serve to document happenings in the realm. It is a neutral alliance located in the Magicduel Archive lands just past Marind Bell. The current leader is Innocence, who oversees everything regarding the Archivists.

The alliance also is home to Master Archivists (M.A's), who are a mix between a king and an alliance leader. Renavoid was the first M.A. with Pamplemousse and Je Suis Oeufs Fous (aka "Eggs")[citation needed] as Co-M.A.s. Unfortunately, Je Suis dropped out with Pample following suit. Renavoid dropped out as well, leaving MDA without a Master Archivist.

Alliance Members:Edit

  • Innocence
  • Kyphis
  • Curiose
  • Ivorak
  • Azkhael
    Last updated 7/19/2014 (M/D/Y)