It requires work to stay at this mindpower. At the start of each server day the system will check to make sure each Mindpower 6 (MP6) player has 30 adepts, if they do not they are reverted to Mindpower 5. MP6 players are currently called protectors, due to that given the spells and worshippers that they have, they use their abilities to give aid to players in the game. Each Protector is different in how they distribute their aid. Currently, only MP4s and MP5s are able to give heat.

When abandoning your Protector, you get 30% of your current loyalty taken away.


Mindpower 6 players have access to spells which they may use. the amount of spells and their level depends on the amount of worshippers they have. They can choose which spells they want each time they reach the next amount of worshippers.


These spells require heat, However this can be given to them by their worshippers. Heat can be exchanged and transferred to a Mindpower 6 player in exchange for loyalty.

MP4s need only 250 heat to give to their Protectors, whereas MP5s need 500, and 250 of it goes to their Protectors.