Marind Bell is one of the Main Lands.

Leadership Edit

Marind Bell has had five kings in its history.

  1. Lifeline
  2. Handy Pockets
  3. Chewett
  4. Princ Rhaegar
  5. Nadrolski (10 January 2015 - present)


The Seekers of Enlightenment Knights of the Bell Water Dowsers
The Seekers of Enlightenment

Knights of the Bell

Water Dowsers

Areas of ImportanceEdit

Here are a number of locations which are important to Marind Bell and the wider community.

Marble Dale ParkEdit

The Marble Dale Park is situated inside the gates of Marind Bell. In the past it has held two major and very similar gatherings.

The first was the Dojo which was primarily a location patrolled by guards would make sure those inside it were protected from anyone running by attacking without permission. These rules extended to all who were inside and not idle except specific people who were listed as rule breakers or people who allowed themselves to be attacked.

The second was the Sparring Ground. After a long period where the Dojo had slowly lost its guards, a meeting was gathered to discuss the future of the Dojo as many players did not respect its rules. During this meeting Shadowseeker decided to take control of the Dojo and changed it into the Sparring Grounds - this included slightly changed rules where MP5's were not protected.

This has since fallen more into the protection of the the masses as less spells have been used to protect it than the Dojo.

Angien's FerryEdit

This is the location where the Seekers of Enlightenment first unofficially joined together and worked. This was the location where a group of people let out heat to try and contact the Angiens. After a couple of days they received a response of sparks of light coming from the then inaccessible island.

After this event the alliance Seekers of Enlightenment were formed under the leadership of Chewett .

Recently it was also the spot where Chewett held a heat letting ceremony, and successfully revived 5 dead players, the four Monarchs and Zleiphneir. This involved two ceremonies where during the final one, the assembled masses filled a heat device that Chewett had enchanted to hold a value of 480k of heat.

Wind's SanctuaryEdit

The Marind Bell capital and pub. It also acts as an item dispatcher location and home of the Marind Bell Alliances. It acts as a sanctuary, as the name implies, and houses the first equipment shop you'll be able to access in game.

Angien's ShrineEdit

The place where Angiens can be recruited.

Wind's CrossingEdit

The main recruitment location in Marind Bell. It's home to the Archer Family, the Elemental Family and the Bird Family.

Sage's Keep InteriorEdit

"Sanctuary of the Seekers" - A meeting place for those devoted to research and knowledge, and home to the Seekers of Enlightenment.