First Level DescriptionEdit

Young Savage Knator

Young Savage Knator

"Born in the wilds of Loreroot, the Young Savage Knator lives up to its name. Hunting for food has given it some meager combat skills but it still needs to grow and learn the ways of combat. Although it is fairly weak in battle, a Knator can grow to be a very savage but very intelligent beast. Given time, it will lead the charge and fight with unmatched fury."


Basic Style: Offensive

Levels: 5

Location Bought: Loreroot - War Hold

Creature Id: 9

First Level Creature StatisticsEdit

Vital Energy: 300
Attack: 20
Defence: 5
Initiative: 2

Recruitment StatisticsEdit

Action Points: 10
Value Points: 1500
Sacrificed Vitality: 100
Exploring Points: 2

Author's CommentsEdit

This creature is a true animal. Its upgrade requirements are not high, and can also develop devastating damage later on, becoming one of the high-rank creatures of any mid players collection.