Tag: Former Evil Inquisitor
Description: Be careful, he tends to be a little paranoid when it comes to loyalty. He will cut and hang all that do not behave. Rehabilitated criminal. Date of release: ...Tomorrow.
Alliance: None
Land Affiliation:
Special Abilities:

This infomation was taken from Awiiya's book of legends

Jonn was most notable the Head of LHOs before Grido, and for his desire to be the most villainous man in the realm. He spent the majority of his time in the Paper Cabin, talking to those that passed by and training and overseeing LHOs. He was said to have a gopher fetish, and there were a wide variety of insults and inside jokes between the veterans and Jonn. Jonn also had a number of eyes that kept watch over the land; in total he had three, but one was poked out. He also was said to use needles to torture others. The quests that he provided ranged from incredibly hard (his final quests), to intuitive and simple (his first quests). In his later days, he spent his time with Lady Isolda in the Paper Cabin, and eventually he realized that it was his time to leave; and so, he passed on his legacy to Grido, and left.