Turns you into a ghost to hide your real identity. Partial invisibility usable only in chat, useful for role play more than actual hiding. Because your player name gets changed to "~Ghost~". True identity of the caster can still be determined in locations with few players. The higher the level of spell, the longer this effect lasts. During the winter months the player name becomes "~Santa~" instead of "~Ghost~". The trigger box hides which player casted the spell.

When you buy the Invisibility spell in the wish shop, you'll be granted with 4 casts. If you already bought it before you get 4 additional casts, and the spell will be in a higher level. You can buy this spell 2 times in the wish shop.

The spell can be cast on a single player per cast, and should be cast by saying the spell words and then the player name, with the option of putting a hyphen (-) in between.