This previously used to be called Experience, if you were looking for Temporary Heat, go here.

Personal HeatEdit

Personal heat is gained by most actions in MD, but the main way of gaining Personal Heat is by combat - this is how you will gain the majority of your personal heat.

Creature HeatEdit

Creatures will also gain heat, this will be needed to advance to a higher creature level if your creature can advance.

Maximum Heat ToleranceEdit

Your maximum Heat Tolerance is the maximum amount of heat you can gather at a specific Mindpower. When you reach your Heat Tolerance your creatures will no longer gain wins or Heat, and you no longer gain stats from fighting. This prevents you from becoming stronger until you reduce your Heat, or advance to the next Mindpower. Maximum heat tolerance is also commonly revered to as your Heat cap.

Reducing HeatEdit

Both personal and creature Heat can be lowered through fighting, some rituals will make you lose a lot of heat. These can be useful if you are trying to stay below the max.

However, only Mindpower 5 players can lose personal heat via this method.

Heat can also be reduced by Mindpower 4 players by sacrificing heated creatures at altars.