The Heads Contest is a fighting competition that is held once every 2 months. Starting on the 28th of every odd month (January - 1, Feburary - 2 ect). It involves fighting people, beating them and taking their "Heads". The first 4 players of each MP-Level get a big prize, consisting of a medal, credits for the MD Shop and some skill bonuses.

Taking HeadsEdit

To take heads from another player, you must fight and win against them. If you merely win against him you will get 1 of their heads. If you get a Victorious battle result then you will get all of their heads.


During Stage 1 of the contest you gain a third of your heads each "tick" in a valid location. A valid location is defined as a location that is not a sanctuary and that you can be validly attacked in. So locations without chat will not increase your score

During Stage 2 you only gain points at a specific location. Currently this is the Gazebo of Equilibrium.

Each "tick" will take a random amount of time, Between 15 and 45 minutes.

Stage 1Edit

Stage 1 is the majority of the contest where points can be collected in valid scenes. The competition will progress to Stage 2 when all MP3, 4 and 5 players have at least one person with 8000 points or more.

Stage 2Edit

This stage lasts 48 hours. During this time you may only score at Gazebo of Equilibrium. After this period of time the winners are announced.

Score and Heads DegredationEdit

While you are offline or in a place where you can't score you will lose heads and score. This means that if you stay offline long enough you can lose all your score and heads attained. Going idle will prevent you losing heads and score.

Attackable in SanctuaryEdit

If you hold 7 or more Heads in a Sanctuary you can be attacked as normal. The protection of the sanctuary will no longer apply.

Boss Head ContestEdit

The BHC is a contest for the people who already won in the normal version. Only the strongest fighters have a chance to win this one. The current Boss Heads Master is Eon.