First Level DescriptionEdit



"Basic Lumbering Beast. Can only attack multiple targets and not a single target dealing chaotic damage. Helpless against a single enemy unit and very effective against numerous enemy units.Seemingly resembling an obese humanoid, Huvourers are not very smart and they usually only rely on one basic need – hunger. They usually live in the depths of the Hollow Den but also in the Aramory and they can see in pitch-black darkness. They will devour any wanderer, alive or dead (in case the huge boulder thrown by the Huvourer will hit the unfortunate soul). Aside from that, a Huvourer will also bite and maul anybody's flesh to shreds."


Basic Style: Offensive

Levels: 3

Location Bought: No Man's Land - The Aramory

Creature Id: 5

First Level Creature StatisticsEdit

Vital Energy: 500
Attack: 25
Defence: 0
Initiative: 0

Recruitment StatisticsEdit

Action Points: 50
Value Points: 1300
Sacrificed Vitality: 100
Exploring Points: 1

Author's CommentsEdit

The Grasan and its upgraded forms are a useful creature no matter what mindpower you are in, it will continue to serve you in the creation of rituals, with its power rivaling drachorns if you cannot find places to buy those.

Combined with some decent spell casters it can be a force to be reckoned with.

Apart from that, the grasan has a variety of special forms once it upgrades, allowing it to turn from a purely offensive creature to a unique resource producing creature. These forms include the Constipated, Leaking, Exfoliating, and Farting Grasans, producing Grasan Ferment, Fat, Skin, and Toxic Gas, respectively.[1][2][3][4]

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