Equipment encompasses all the various items that you can equip on your character. These include weapons, armour and various trinkets.

Equipment can be purchased in various locations across the realm. Value Points are the currency used in order to buy the pieces.

In order to access and equip purchased items, you must click the 5th sphere from the top on the Player Toolbar (the one to the left of the interface) - it's of two swords crossed over a shield.

Equipment can come in "sets" which, when used alongside other items from the same set, give a skill bonus of increasing effect.

People often experiment with combinations of different Armour Sets (the informal name for themed sets of Equipment) in order to get the most useful skill bonuses for their character.

Armour Sets Edit

Armour Sets can be divided into those which give a cumulative bonus when more items from the same set are used, and those which do not. Please note: all items give a basic skill bonus whether they are part of a set or not.