Dimensional Shifters
Dimensional Shifters
Alliance Land: MagicDuel Archives
Alliance Leader: darkraptor
Alliance Seats: 8
Alliance Type: Normal

Alliance Description:Edit

The alliance was recreated as per the below announcement

Ann. 2230 - [2012-03-10 23:42:50 - Stage 11]
Dimensional Shifters
'Sashas presence' was made a member of Dimensional Shifters, the long time disbanded guild. By that, the guild is back to life and sasha can start inviting people in it. This comes in exchange for my (Mur) slave leash (the one won at the auction) and has some simple but serious terms. This action should never be used to taunt, mock, ridicularize or offend any of the former DS members, be it public or private. Shasha was granted a loyalty boost to be able to manage the guild, but does not have role leader privileges or abilities that made the guild famous long ago.


Lightsage took over the alliance after being invited by Sasha

Alliance Members:Edit



Lone Wolf

History - First Alliance PeriodEdit

This alliance was initially given to SimplyZero who had the ability to travel to any location in the realm, although his role technically only allowed him to travel to locations that had a connection with a source of water e.g. The Path Keeper. He was the Ferryman, who had this ability in trade for part of his soul when he used it. He was the role leader of the alliance.

The alliance was stolen, and then lost twice. After each loss SimplyZero made a claim to have the alliance back, as it was rightfully his, and it was returned to him. After the second disbanding Muratus Del Mur issued a warning, stating that if this were to happen again, the alliance would be disbanded forever. dst managed to take over the alliance through, what is suspected, using someone else to be invited into the alliance and then have them invite her in. dst kicked all of the present alliance members before leaving herself, this caused the alliance to be lost once more, and as a result, disbanded permanently.