Alliance Land: Loreroot
Alliance Leader: Udgard
Alliance Seats: 10
Alliance Type: Normal

Alliance Description:Edit

Despite officially being located in Loreroot, the Crafters were a fully neutral Guild, meaning that they worked with people of all lands. They held the secrets to enhancing roleplay by creating items which players could hold in their inventory.

Eventually Phantom Orchid requested the alliance to be disbanded because of their low amount of members. Upon this Udgard, the leader at that time, decided the remaining crafters would be better off without alliance, ensuring their independence as a group from any land[1]. Another factor playing a role in the disbanding of the alliances is the increase in automated crafting through gathering tools, and Cauldrons.

Last Alliance Members:Edit

Material Vault

as of 4th January 2012

Also considered part of the allianceEdit

Phantom Orchid

References Edit

  1. Announcement 2647