Children of the Eclipse
Children of the Eclipse
Alliance Land: Loreroot
Alliance Leader: None
Alliance Seats: 50
Alliance Type: Normal

This alliance is currently hibernated

Alliance DescriptionEdit

Recently sponsored continuation of Loreroot Spring Festival, including "red" worship service, tournament, and poetry challenge. The CoE has hosted several tournaments, and from its beginnings with only four members and no badge has grown to be a large alliance . The CoE has been active in several wars, including the cold war against Golemus Golemicarum and the invasion of Necrovion by the Knights of the Bell . Though the CoE's activity fluctuates, its knights and priestesses are often on hand to mobilize in defence of Loreroot and tend to its "spiritual" well-being (morale, investigation of symbols, poetic scholarship, preservation of Loreroot history)[1]

Mission StatementEdit

We are the Eclipse, a mystical and military alliance devoted to one purpose: the return of Night to MagicDuel. Perhaps you know what Night means in this realm. Perhaps you understand what the ever-burning Sun means, and why we seek to block it out, even for a short time. Perhaps you seek to look beneath the surface features of this world, our Purgatory of light.

We, the Children of the Eclipse, believe in the harmony of light and dark and the advancement of all people. We use magic, prophecy, and steel to aid others in their quest to attain a higher level of being. Though we are a Loreroot alliance and swear absolute fealty to Loreroot's king, we exist to serve the realm as a whole, and we will always expend our energies toward whatever we think best serves that end.

You will find us everywhere. We have friends in all lands, but more importantly, we are willing to be friends to all lands: and to fight in defence of those who are attacked unjustly.

If you value mystery, compassion, and fairness... join us.[2]