Alliance Land: Tribunal
Alliance Leader: phantasm
Alliance Seats: 10
Alliance Type: Normal

Alliance Description:Edit

To preserve and glorify names of the most memorable people of MD’s past, and to an extent, present. To all great sick and twisted caretakers, life wouldn't be complete without a little death and mayhem. Darkness would be their cloak. Death would be their sword. Fate would be their mind. Sometimes it is needed to hasten the process in which things happen. Caretakers have a love for the end of things. Sometimes the end of things do not come as fast as they would like, so they… hasten things. I think the alliance would be classified not as good or evil but as Chaotic. To walk through the lands with a shovel in their hand. The self proclaimed judge and jury of whatever they feel to be the judge of. Is it any more evil to see who should be judged anymore than a knight would judge who is wrong or right? Is it any more wrong to bury the not-so-dead for a little pay than to burn your enemies alive for the sake of religion?[1]

Alliance Members:Edit

  • Phantasm
  • Aelis
  • Ledah
  • Sephirah Caelum
  • xcercses
  • samon
  • Mallos

As of 11 Devember 2014