Official guidelines on how to report a bug can be found here. This page is only a general guideline on how to report bugs. If in doubt always contact an LHO first and ask for advice.

Only bugs that are repeatable after several hours should be reported. This is due to the fact that when Mur is testing things, unexpected errors may appear and dissapear as he is changing the game.

Additionally if you are reporting the bug, you should explain if you can repeat it, and how you can.

Abusive vs Non Abusive BugsEdit

Depending on the nature of the bug, you will need to do one of two things when reporting it.

If it is an abusive bug, then you should not post it on the forums, and instead contact Chewett. These are the people who will deal with abusive bugs, organize further tests and finally get it fixed.

If it isnt an abusive bug then it should be reported on the forum, detailing what is wrong.

What defines AbusiveEdit

Abusive is open to interpretation but the most simplistic definition is that if it can be used by others to gain through improper means, it is a bug. This means that in case of an accidental finding which could be further used by others to gain by means at odds with the system the bug should not be posted on the forum. This is to ensure that it won't be for everyone to see and abuse.