Action Points (AP) are used by nearly every action in MD. Here are some default values for their use

General AP usage amounts
Use Action Points Required
Base value for most movements 1 + Viscosity
Posting a message in Mood Panel 20
Attacking Someone 4
Sacrificing a Creature 20*
  • When you Sacrifice a creature you will lose up to 20 AP. You can continue to sacrifice creatures when you have less than 20 AP including having no AP and your AP will not go negative. This has been confirmed a feature, not a bug.

Increasing APEdit

AP can be increased temporarily and permanently. There are many ways to increase your AP temporarily but ways to increase it permanently include:

Joining a Land/AllianceEdit

Joining a land will change your AP based on the land values. These however will usually be higher than your default values. Joining an alliance also assigns you to a land, so it provides the same effect as joining a land.

Active Days AP BonusEdit

Active days give bonuses to your Action Points, which will be added to your normal AP. As an example if I were to have 10 active days, and have a base AP of 90, I would have 95 Max AP.

Active Days AP Bonus Active Days AP Bonus
1 0 340 163
10 5 360 165
20 10 380 166
40 20 400 168
80 40 500 174
160 80 600 179
320 160 700 183

The AP bonus is half the Active Days the player has up to 320 Active Days, after which the increase decreases in rate.

The full tabulated values for 1 to 3000 Active Days are available here.